Self Esteem / L’amour-propre

Laisser-moi vous aider a vous changer

Nous ne sommes pas nes avec un amour-propre defectif.  Il peut-etre change!

Sans un amour-propre correct nous pouvons tolerer des commentaries negatives, un comportement ou des relations negatives parceque nous ne savons pas quoi faire de plus.  Sans un amour-propre correct nous pouvons avoir attaints une grande renomme dans nos carrieres.  Nous pouvons avoir une tres bonne vie financiere mais pas encore se sentir bien en nous-memes.

(Meme si vous etes seuls vous avez le temps de decourvir quels sont vos talents, vos bonnes qualities et aussi vos mauvaises.  A cause de tout cela vous etes plus comfortable et reels avec tous les autres.)


We are not born with poor self esteem. It CAN be changed.

Without it, we may tolerate ongoing negative comments, behaviour, relationships, because we don’t know what else to do. Without it, we may have achieved great renown in our careers, be financially successful, but still not feel good about ourselves.

Perhaps you’ve read or heard authority figures and others say: “You need to love yourself.” You may keep trying to do this, but somehow it doesn’t seem to happen.  This is because I believe that loving or not loving ourselves happens or doesn’t happen in relationship.  And as a result being able to love ourself today can only happen in relationship – a special kind of relationship: for example in a supportive, trusting, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship.

If you are on your own, good self esteem allows you to feel just fine. It helps you to know who you are, what you want, and the motivation to go after it. It means being able to say “No”, to take care of yourself and not just everyone else. Good self esteem involves changing negative thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour that you are unable to change yourself.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Learn how to bring out the best of your unique personality – make friends, connect with others. have fun with others, set boundaries so you can spend as much or as little time with friends as you wish!

FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: Feelings can be very positive but not all the time and not always toward every family member.  Learn how to deal with conflict, to say ‘No’, and to set limits; how to interact with people who may be critical or demanding.  Learn how to make your family relationships more enjoyable!

Self esteem is much more than saying positive affirmations to yourself which tend to be time-limited and often don’t do all we hoped they would

WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS: In your workplace your self esteem influences your productivity, your relationships with others and perhaps most importantly your relationship with your manager.  Learn how to get along with difficult people, feel better and reap the rewards that can result. Improved self esteem can lead to being viewed in a much better light and to being considered more readily for promotions!

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, A BUSINESS OWNER, A PERFORMER, AN ARTIST AND EVEN AS A STUDENT: You want to and need to be able to initiate action on behalf of yourself, make positive connections with others and feel confident about what you have to offer or what you want to present.  Learn how to do it!

At Heather McPherson, MSW RSW Associates, we excel at developing, growing and sustaining a person’s sense of self.