Languishing – Do You Know What This Means?

Sociologist Corey Keyes coined this term to describe feelings many people are experiencing as a result of living through the COVID pandemic. Feelings such as:

Apathy, restlessness or feeling unsettled

An overall lack of interest in life or the things that particularly bring you joy.

Feelings of numbness, lack of motivation

You may be interested to know that this is not a mental illness – not Depression nor Anxiety – yet it definitely affects one’s mental health. So you may feel relieved to know you don’t have a mental illness, that lots of people are experiencing what you are, and you’re not the only one.

But then, what can you do to feel better – to get rid of these symptons??

While certainly the structure or lack of structure in your days, your sleep, exercise, eating habits and relaxation may need to be fine-tuned as they certainly affect your mood and feelings of well-being, HOWEVER your mind, your thoughts play a very significant role in how you are feeling, and your outlook on life in general.

MINDFULNESS helps us learn how to live in the moment and takes us away from regrets about the past or worry about the future. With the on-again-off-again swings of this pandemic,

LEARNING AND ACCEPTING WHAT WE CAN CONTROL AND CAN’T CONTROL is also very freeing in reducing the associated stress.

LEARNING HOW TO BE GRATEFUL (gratitude journals have certainly been touted in the media for some time now) is likewise a key component.


Languishing to Flourishing!

Good luck!

Self Esteem

Self esteem affects everything, absolutely everything, in our lives.

We are not born with poor self esteem. It CAN be changed.

Without it, we may tolerate ongoing negative comments, behaviour, relationships, because we don’t know what else to do. Without it, we may have achieved great renown in our careers, be financially successful, but still not feel good about ourselves.

Good self esteem allows you to feel just fine if you are on your own. It helps you to know who you are, what you want, and the motivation to go after it. It means being able to say “No”, to take care of yourself and not just everyone else. Good self esteem involves changing negative thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour that you are unable to change yourself.

Let me help you change your life!


L’amour-propre nous affecte dans tous ce que nous faisons

Nous ne sommes pas nes avec un amour-propre defectif.  Il peut-etre change!

Sans un amour-propre correct nous pouvons tolerer des commentaries negatives, un comportement ou des relations negatives parceque nous ne savons pas quoi faire de plus.  Sans un amour-propre correct nous pouvons avoir attaints une grande renomme dans nos carriers.  Nous pouvons avoir une tres bonne vie financiere mais pas encore se sentir bien en nous-memes.

(Meme si vous etes seuls vous avez le temps de decourvir quels sont vos talents, vos bonnes qualities et aussi vos mauvaises.  A cause de tout cela vous etes plus comfortable et reels avec tous les autres.)